“Friday was a big day for 2019 ****4star LB” King Mwikuta

“Friday was a big day for 2019 ****4star LB” King Mwikuta

  1. uhby: Dale Dowden

Friday was a big day for 2019 4 star linebacker King Mwikuta. It was his birthday, and also the day he chose to make his verbal commitment.

A while ago, Mwikuta released his top five schools: Alabama, UGA, Auburn, Florida State and Miami.

After Crimson Tide coach, Nick Saban visited Mwikuta at his High School, Troup County, he was sent a commitment photo and he requested it depict a “Top 3” Miami, UGA, and Florida State. Many wondered why Alabama and Auburn were trimmed off his list.

As his commitment ceremony unfolded, spectators were anxious to find out who would land the verbal from this talent 2019 LB.

After thanking God for his blessings along with thanking his family and friends he stated “I know in my heart this is the right thing to do, with that being said respect my decision..” He proceeded to take a hat, place it on his head verbally committing to… The University of Alabama. He finished with saying this was for his Mom, that he loved her and he knows she will be proud.

Mwikuta has a great and impactful story. Being raised by his grandmother “Bay Bay” as Coach Glisson (Troup Co Head Coach) referred to her has raised King since he was 7. No doubt she and others have done an AMAZING job with him. Spend 10 minutes with him and you will see for yourself.

King and Coach Glisson wanted to make it known that the trimmed “Top 3” photo wasn’t a sign of disrespect to other schools. They have tremendous amount of respect for all schools that have been in contact.

It was a tactic to throw a few people off that were guessing and getting close to the right answer. King still has one more year of High School so I anticipate schools still trying to talk with him to sway him over the next year.

From all of us at Sleeper Recruit we would like to say happy birthday and congratulations to you, King. We are very proud of you and are proud to have played a small part in helping you reach your dreams.

We are 110% certain your mother is very proud of you as well. Just for you #RollTide

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