A Talk with King Mwikuta

A Talk with King Mwikuta


Having followed and covered recruiting for the past five years, it is rare when I have the chance to interview someone as driven and focused as King Mwikuta.  Mwikuta has started to move up the recruiting boards and will be someone to keep an eye on as the high school football season begins to heat up. I will look at King’s game and fill you in some more on why everyone should keep an eye on this terrific recruit out of Lagrange.

King is a recruit that SleeperRecruit has worked very closely with, and has done a fantastic job of identifying early in the recruiting process. King has informed me that SleeperRecruit has been helping with his recruiting process since his freshmen year of high school.  Mwikuta has goals of reaching the NFL and the first people that he is planning on “thanking is the team at SleeperRecruit”.  SleeperRecruit does an excellent job of finding recruits early in the recruiting process and sticking with them right till the end.

Mwikuta’s film is very solid to watch and observe. King is an excellent outside linebacker who has no trouble back into coverage and playing the pass. Mwikuta moves up to stop the run and makes the hit, and he does so in a solid fashion. Mwikuta does not miss tackles and that makes him a dangerous player to attempt to block. King has a nose for the football and he seems to have a knack of finding the football. Those attributes listed above have drawn the attention of powerhouse schools like Alabama, Auburn, and Florida.
King has continued to work over the summer on rushing the passer and learning the defensive end position. King has also been playing some golf and playing some basketball. Mwikuta knows that staying in shape over the summer will make preparing for the upcoming football season much easier. Mwikuta’s work ethic and drive has served him well and I cannot wait to see what the future has in store for him.

Here are Some Solid Facts about King Mwikuta

King Mwikuta is a 6’4” 225 lb Outside Linebacker / Defensive End from LaGrange, Georgia. Mwikuta is a part of the 2019 graduating class at Troup County High School in LaGrange. He runs well with a time of 4.8 in the 40 yard-dash and has a shuttle time of 4.1. In the weight room, Mwikuta has a bench press of 225 lbs as well as a squat of 335 lbs and a deadlift of 410.

After reviewing game film on King, listed below are the pros and cons that were identified.


  •     Excellent size and strength which he uses to get a good jump off the line of scrimmage to get himself in position to make a play.
  •     King uses his arms well when taking on blockers and his strength helps him to fend off the block and get to the ball carrier.
  •     Tackles well and uses his long arms to take down the runner. Tends to tackle low and wraps up whenever possible.
  •     Even when he is out of a play, mwikuta continues to chase the play and will play through the whistle.


  •     All of the film reviewed was with King in a two point stance at the line of scrimmage. Will need to learn to play in a three-point stance in the years to come.
  •     Has a tendency to overrun plays at times. As he gets more experience, he will need to learn how to take the correct angles to the play.
  •     Shows good speed after he gets going but could use a quicker start from the standing position and should work on foot speed and agility drills.

With two years still left to play at the high school level, Mwikuta is an intriguing prospect and it will be interesting to watch his development.


To connect with King, here’s his SleepperRecruit profile