Jalen Jordan – A Young Man Amongst Boys

Jalen Jordan – A Young Man Amongst Boys



   SleeperRecruit takes a great deal of pride in the high school athletes that are profiled on their website and through articles.  If an athlete regardless of sport, gender or ethnicity puts in the work and excels in both the classroom and on the field it is an honor to give these athletes as much exposure as possible.  Connecting the dots between the High School Athletic Community, college coaches and the athletes themselves is what SleeperRecruit does and Jalen Jordan fits the bill as well as any that have been profiled.  We are excited at the opportunity to profile Jordan who’s as well mannered as they come, while also bringing it on the field.  Let’s put aside the raw athletic ability and tangible results on the field, Jordan’s story is one worth latching onto and embodies everything that we love about high school athletics and supports the notion that hard work truly does pay off.


  Jalen Jordan, originally from Philadelphia, ironically enough landed at a small 1A high school in Georgia, but you won’t find that anywhere.  Jordan credits his parents and their investment in his immediate future for a move to the IMG Academy in Bradenton Florida.  The perfect storm of self-awareness and parental support has long set in once Jordan arrived on the IMG Campus.  From the decision to play 1A ball for developmental purposes to the pursuit of the game for love of the game, the sacrificial love of the parent has seldom had such a high-powered lens on it.

  Jordan who clearly loves sport attributes his landing spot at IMG to his parents,  the coaching at IMG at his personal drive, and there’s no shame in that, in fact young student athletes should be commended for stating their goals, and working hard to achieve them.  Even if “achieve” is nowhere remotely close to Jordan’s vocabulary.  The rising senior has made it clear from the start that his goal is to play on Sundays, and regardless of countless interactions with colleges and offers from schools like Georgia Tech, UGA and Boston College, Jordan is set finding a college system that fits his game and a school that values academics.

  Jordan who stands at 6’5 210 lbs still has some room to grow, but opposing cornerbacks are praying that growth takes place after his senior year.  Jordan has the body of Brandon Marshall with the speed of Damariyus Thomas making him almost impossible to slow down,  if trying to match up with him physically.  He also possesses the route running ability of Terrell Owens, the hands of A.J. Green and toughness of Steve Smith.  Jordan runs every route on the tree to perfection including deep routes, crossing patterns and slants.  He can play in the slot as a 3rd down possession receiver and can catch the deep ball and makes it look easy.  He’s a coaches dream in that he’ll take his man down field, and has the size and physicality to force opponents to consider the double-team, though they seldom do.  Jordan clearly understands his role as a WR and has a clear eye for the end zone while also excelling at taking his man down field to give the running game some room to evolve.

  Jalen Jordan’s arrival on the National scene is moments away and you won’t want to miss it. He’s as dynamic as any WR in the class of 2018 and his on the field reel should command enough of your attention.  It’s off the field however, that will set him apart in big games on the college stage.  Sound decision-making, humility and the ability to surround himself with the right people while staying under the right authority.  This is no easy task for teenager, but Jordan is no ordinary high school athlete.  A man among boys indeed!


Here are some additional facts about Jalen Jordon :

Although there were no weight room numbers for Jordan, there are some other measurables available for him. He had a 40 yard-dash time of 4.63 and a shuttle time of 4.38. He also measured 35.5 in the vertical jump. He has a Nike Football Rating of 115.98

After reviewing game film on Jordan, listed below are the pros and cons that were identified.


  •     He has good size and a sturdy frame for a Wide Receiver coming in at 210 lbs. He uses that size to shield defenders from the ball and get in good position to make the catch.
  •     Jordan has good body control and makes sures he uses it when the ball is in the air. He makes a point of picking up the ball early and adjusting to the throw to increase his chances of making the reception.
  •     Does a good job catching the football and uses his hands to make catches as often as possible. Appears to be a good route runner which frees him up in the open field.
  •     Has no problem blocking downfield and when reviewing film you can see that he effectively uses his arms and leverage to hold off the defenders.


  •     As an outside Wide Receiver, his 40 yard-dash time of 4.63 may not allow him the amount of separation he may need at the next level.
  •     Although there was a limited amount of film reviewed, Jordan did not show the ability to break tackles, and given his size may need to add some additional strength.

Overall, Jordan is an intriguing prospect and is definitely a player to watch this coming season.


To connect with Jalen, here’s his twitter link 



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