Jaylen Leonard’s Work Ethic Drives Him

Jaylen Leonard’s Work Ethic Drives Him


Jaylen Leonard is one of the intriguing prospects that is still available for recruitment in the class of 2017. Jaylen is finishing up his senior season at Avalon High School in Gaithersburg, MD.  The Black Knights had a tough season but that was not indicative of Jaylen’s performance. Leonard’s performance was solid for Avalon on the defensive side of the ball and for the Black Knights special teams.

        Jaylen has not gone unnoticed with numerous teams reaching out to him. Those teams include Delaware State, Florida A&M, and Clarion University to name just a few. It is not difficult to figure out why those teams are interested in Jaylen. What he brings to the field and the team is solid play in the secondary from either the cornerback or safety positions. Leonard is a hitter and will not shy away from contact. Jaylen has no problem stepping into the fill gap and bringing down a running back. Leonard has the skills to do well in pass coverage as well, picking off several passes and making moves in the open field once he has the ball.

        Jaylen is a well spoken young man that is committed to putting in the work it takes to accomplish great things. For the summer Jaylen plans on working on his explosiveness and just keeps up his offseason conditioning work. Leonard’s work ethic is unquestioned and he has the drive and determination to make a school a great cornerback or safety. I like what Jaylen can bring to the secondary and I love that he is willing to tackle anyone.  To discover even more of this athlete you can visit his profile.

Here’s some further facts about Jaylen Leonard:


Jaylen Leonard is a solid player in the secondary and he has plenty of positive attributes that can be seen when looking at his film. The quality that I like the most from his film is that he is not afraid to make a tackle. Leonard will make solid plays on the ball and if he can pick the pass off, he has no trouble batting the ball down. Leonard will play special teams as well, to go along with his work in the secondary.


I would like to see Jaylen continue to work on his explosiveness and continue to develop his speed. Leonard has the ability to make the big play and working on his speed and explosiveness will add to that ability. No matter where Jaylen’s career takes him, coaches will have him continue to work on his tackling and that will be some advice I throw as well. All in all Jaylen is a solid player and can make all the necessary plays needed to contribute in the college secondary.



Keep an eye out for Leonard, I have a feeling folks are going to hear a lot more from him.