He possess both speed and strength with a 40 yard dash time of 4.47 with a bench press of 320 lbs. He also has a 100 meter time of 11.0 and a squat of 475 lbs in the weight room. 

Camron Thompson: The Next Big Thing


Being able to scout recruits and look at the future of major college football has always been a pleasure. My job is always made much easier when I get to interview players like Camron Thompson and his dad Ron Thompson. Camron and Ron each are two of the most genuine people I have had the pleasure of talking with, while doing a recruiting interview. It has been a pleasure to talk with both Ron and Camron, as well as, evaluate the recruiting film that Camron has available.

The statistics for Camron are impressive from an individual perspective as well as from a team perspective. Camron attends Georgia powerhouse Grayson High School, which won the state championship in 2016. To top it all of Grayson finished number one in the state of Georgia and sixth nationally. Thompson knows how to win and win on a big stage. Camron racked up over 2,000 yards as a sophomore and he just continues to build on a terrific high school career. The best is yet to come, going into his senior season.

When people look at Camron’s film, they see a powerful runner with explosive speed. The trait that I am most impressed with is Thompson’s patience. Camron allows a hole to develop and he shoots through it. The players on the opposing defense do not fair well when they attempt to arm tackle Camron, my advice is to bring more than one defender in attempting to tackle him.

Camron is drawing interest from Memphis, Rutgers, and Tennessee. Thompson has enjoyed the recruiting period so far and is looking forward to attending camps and improving upon his game. Camron has a great head on his shoulders and he is aware that he needs to put the same effort from the field into the classroom as well, which is what he is doing. I expect Camron to earn more offers and the potential to be an every down back in the college ranks. Thompson is most definitely someone to keep an eye on over the next few years.


One of the first things that jumps out at you when you watch his tape is how quickly he explodes through the hole. He is a north/south runner and uses his quick feet to find a hole and accelerate through the line into open field.

  • With his short but powerful frame, he runs low to the ground and uses his strength to take on tacklers and move forward for extra yardage.
  • Camron shows tremendous vision and has great lateral quickness that allows him to change direction while still moving forward in order to avoid defenders.
  • Does a good job following his blockers and uses them as a shield until he can find an opening to run through.
  • Because of how he runs he is hard to tackle, usually taking multiple tacklers to bring him down. Whether in the open field or when being hit, he keeps his feet and legs moving to gain additional yards.


In reviewing Thompson’s game film, there really wasn’t much not to like. He has a good build and excellent speed for a running back and has been very productive. Here are a couple of things to keep an eye on going forward.

  • Almost all of the film viewed was with Thompson running the ball. It remains to be seen how does catching the ball out of the backfield. This will be something he will need to do at the next level.
  • Another skill he will need as he advances is blocking. He certainly has the strength to be a good blocker but it’s possible that his height could cause problems with taller defenders. He’ll need to learn how to get the proper leverage in those situations.


Overall, Thompson looks like a great running back prospect and I certainly see him being very productive at the next level.