North GA Elite Showcase

North GA Elite Showcase


Saturday April 15th, 2017, an elite camp made it’s way to the very tip of Northwest Georgia hunting undiscovered talent. Over 170 young men made their way to Ridgeland High School in Rossville, GA to display their talent. The overall camp was very productive and under camp director Derrick Tatum it succeeded in letting unknown stars shine bright. I would like to congratulate all the competitors, especially the ones who made it to the final showcases and the ones who walked away with MVP awards per position. There’s talent in GA north of Calhoun and in the Chattanooga, TN area.

Here is a breakdown of players (by position) who really caught my eye:


  • Jacob Brumby 2018 Pickens Co High School

Very smooth QB. He always seems cool and collected. Brumby made almost every throw asked of him, also had some of the best touch on deep passes seen the whole day.

  • Tanner Hill 2019 Ridgeland High School

The upcoming Jr was pretty sharp on his mechanics and showed off a very nice arm. Tanner is likely in for a big season this year due to his talent and playmakers that surround him.

  • Matthew Neff 2019 Christian Heritage High School (Dalton, GA)

At 6’3″ 190 lbs The upcoming Jr already displays very nice size at the QB position. This young man has a very quick release and at times seems to execute his every move almost effortlessly.

  • Trevion Miles 2021 Phenix City, AL

This young man has caught my eyes for quite a few reasons. At his age, his footwork is right on point along with his posture when moving around in the pocket. Passes coming from Trey seemed to fly off his hand with some of the tightest spirals at the camp.



  • Jalen Echols 2018 Woodland High School

 Jalen was pointed out right as camp began and he did not disappoint. Jalen has a nice frame at 5’10” 190lbs. He impressed by showing off very nice footwork and was just all around very smooth at everything he did. He will make some school a very nice all around back.

  • Tucker Gregg 2018 Murray County High School

Tucker was also a smooth back throughout the day. He moves very nice on his feet and runs hard downhill. He was able to display his hands as well proving he can run the ball and be a threat coming out of the backfield in pass plays.


  • Drake Starks 2018 Ringgold High School

The 6’3″ 215lb TE is very noticeable with his frame alone but has very nice hands. Drake has nice speed for his size as well, so he may need to add weight to be a balanced college TE or possibly out wide as a receiver.



  • Markeith Montgomery 2018 Ridgeland High School

Excellent feet and route running displayed in the individual period of camp along with catching everything within reach. Markeith showed the quickness to get open on shorter routes as well as top end speed to stretch the field deep. I will come back to Markeith in a bit..

  • Travion Williams 2019 Signal Mountain High School

Travion was just that guy that seemed to be able create separation with his crisp route running and able to make solid catches. He also has plenty of time to work on his craft but expect to hear more in the coming years.

  • Zaire Thornton 2020 Grady High School

I don’t know if anyone was as quick off the ball as Zaire. The ability to beat the press and break quickly on off coverage made it hard for many to get a handle on him. Thornton has three more years to gain size, knowledge, and experience. Keep an eye out for this one.

  • Zach Goss Jr 2019

This may be one of the most overlooked WR’s in the state. While he gives a resemblance of OBJ’s hair style he makes his own original highlights on the field. Goss had one catch which was easily one of the nicest catches all day. Top end speed and quickness is a huge plus for him. He separated himself with his ability to go up and take the ball from the DB’s.


  • Dustin Pope 2018 Chattooga High School

Dustin has proved time and time again that he is a big physical presence on the line and he did not disappoint this time either. Once he locks on it is pretty much all but over.

  • Bucky Williams 2018 Ringgold High School

One of my favorite OL of the day. Very nice technique and very nasty in the trenches. Quick off the snap and uses his hands nicely. Once he locked onto the defensive lineman his mission was to put them down and had pretty good success at doing so.

  • Tanner Floyd 2018 Northwest Whitfield

Floyd was a guy I’ve been eagerly awaiting to see in a camp and was I pleased with what I saw. Another one who is a bit nasty when it comes to the trenches and will latch on and run you out of the play. Some serious potential in Tanner Floyd.


  • Treston Jamison 2018 Screven County High School

Very quick guy off the ball. Used his bit of under size and speed to get around most of the bigger OL. Looking forward to seeing more from this guy.

  • Ron-Darius Wash 2018 Ooltewah High School

Standing around 6’1″ and close to 300 lbs,  Wash was one of the more big time college ready bodies out there and his play reflected it. Nice use of his hands and keeping the OL from latching on. Wash can also move a bit better in space than most would think.



  • Harrison Allen 2021 LB Cartersville High School (Next Year)

Harrison was one of the 8th grade MVP’s and rightfully so. Made very nice reads and decisions while having the speed and quickness to close quickly. This young man is really going to be fun to watch throughout his high school career.

  • Timothy Bowman 2018 Ridgeland High School

Tim has made his way into the top half of the LB’s in the last two camps he has attended and continues to get better. Bowman didn’t give up too many plays to the offense, even when he did, closed very quickly to stop the play.

  • Jeffrey Curtis 2019 Heritage High School (Ringgold, GA)

Curtis simply did all the right things the way they are suppose to be done. Very technically sound guy who went full tilt every rep. Curtis already has some nice size and speed for his position and is only an upcoming Jr. Remember this name.



  • Jalen Huff 2020 Athen Academy

During positional drills he displayed some fancy footwork and breaks quick to the ball. Jalen also plays very physical as well, by locating the ball and disrupting it.

  • Azavier Blackwell 2019 Ridgeland High School

Placed in the top 10 DB’s and competed very well against quality talent. Plays man pretty well but his ball disruption in air was shown.

  • Jalen Alexander 2019 Grayson High School

Showed he can play comfortably both off and on press coverage. He looked like he prefers press more due to the contact. Plays very physical on the sit down routes. Even had a pick jumping on a route.

  • Xavier Lopez 2018 Dr. Krop High School (Miami, FL)

Very speedy and a physical guy. Good size at 5′”10 170 lbs, good recognition and ball instincts. Xavier competed at a high level and broke up his fair share of passes.

  • Jordan Blackwell 2020 Ridgeland High School

Making his first camp of the off season Jordan competed and made his way to the final showcase. This is a young man to know. Once this young man gets it, the sky’s the limit. He displayed his natural talent moving through drills very fluently with little or no problems.


Now there are two guys I want to address, Dequan Mosley and Markeith Montgomery. If I could hand out a Pure Athlete award these two would have it and here’s why…

  • Dequan Mosley 2018 DB Woodland High School

Mosley took some reps at WR and probably had the smoothest and most deadly route of the day. Check his twitter @dequanmosley2 and you will see it.

  • Markeith Montgomery 2018 DB Ridgeland High School

It is no secret that Montgomery is a nice DB prospect. A safety by trade he has expanded his game by competing at camps as a corner and learning press man. He is a two time all state DB selection in Region AAAA. He has played a bit of RB during his HS career, but this past Saturday he expanded even more. Flipping to offense and competing as a WR not only did he do well he won the Camp’s WR MVP award.

Once again congratulations to all the top guys of each position and Camp MVP’s.

P.S. It was such a beautiful day, felt great to take it all in. 


By. Dale Dowden