NFA7v7 Southeastern Regional

NFA7v7 Southeastern Regional


     I was a bit late to the event but I quickly rushed over to  take in the multitude of talent that was on display. This tournament was loaded with talented young men and it had all the intensity that you could ask for. These athletes showed up eager to compete and impress which they absolutely did. The two days I was out at NFA7v7 Southeastern Regional, I noticed several athletes that have the potential to play at the collegiate level. Here’s a list of athletes that caught my attention below:


  •        Warren Thompson(WR)c/o 2018 6’3 197 4.4 40 Armwood High School

                  nice hands, great speed, athleticism

                  Offers from Alabama, FSU, UF, North Carolina


  •          Russell Brown(WR)c/o 2018 Lehigh H.S. 4.6 40

                     average speed, runs good routes,

                         offers from Oregon, South Carolina, UCF


  •          Marcus Taylor(Athl.)c/o 2018 Oakridge High School

                   serious threat coming out of backfield, quick, great ball skills,

                     great football knowledge


  •          Charlie Dean(QB)c/o2019 Tampa Catholic 6’1 190

                     showed great poise, smart, strong arm, and good accuracy


After talking with numerous athletes from the bay area and different states, several grabbed my attention such as:


  •    Preston Parsons(WR) c/o2018 HUN School in New Jersey

    6’5 210 4.5 40 good speed, great hands, very athletic, can stretch a defense, no offers

  • Jim Cavallo(WR)c/o2018 5’11 175 Salisbury school Connecticut


  • Zion Hawkins(DB) c/o2019 5’8 155 Bullis School Maryland

               Quick, good cover corner


  •   Jake Tuttle(Athl.)c/o2019 Rejoice Christian 5’10 183

               very versatile, quick feet, good football instincts


  •   Brian Anderson(DB)c/o2019 DR.Phillips Orlando

               athletic, good football knowledge


  •   Jayion McCluster(Athl)c/o2020 Largo High School


  •   Atorian Perry(WR)c/o2018 Park Vista High School
  •   Marlon Brunson(WR)c/o2019 West Boca


  •   Dejuan Miller(Athl.)c/o2018 Belle Glade
  •   Mike Westor(CB)c/o2018 Olympic heights


  •   Brandon Lown(WR)c/o2018 Trinity High School


  •   Ejay Jackson(CB)Cardinal Neuman



    Chris Scruggs(Athl.)c/o2019

    Rashuad Higgins(Athl.)c/o2019

    Gregory Pressley(Athl)c/o2019

    Adam Rogers(Athl.)c/o2018 Mitchell High School

     offers from UCF, FIU, FSU, Bucknell


The lone stand out above all was:


  • Joe Milton(QB)c/o2018 6’5 230 Olympia High School

              very athletic, strong arm,very competitive,good mobility

             offers from FSU, Miami, UF, Alabama,Mississippi state,and several others.


This event had such an amazing turnout with a lot of talented young men that were eager to showcase their skills and abilities. They certainly did not disappoint which  further made me so thrilled to witness this amazing event.

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