Why Summer Exposure is so Valuable in Recruiting

Why Summer Exposure is so Valuable in Recruiting


Coaches across the country are constantly on the lookout for the next Michael Jordan, Tom Brady or Mike Trout.  Some of the best college coaches start identifying potential recruits as early as seventh or eighth grade and start a file on these athletes.  The summer months are some of the most valuable when it comes to recruiting.  

Why you ask, is summer so valuable in the recruiting process?  For starters, summer is not viewed as “offseason” for athletes that treat sports as more than just a hobby.  Just because school is out, doesn’t mean sports must stop: serious athletes take advantage of summer as an opportunity to better develop their game by attending events and camps.  Choosing the right camp or summer team to join can make a huge difference.  Picking a high-profile team might not always be the best option, especially if it consists of sitting on the bench.  After all, we are talking about how exposure is valuable and sitting on a bench is not exactly eye-popping.  Choosing the right opportunity that will allow you to develop as a player and showcase your abilities will be most valuable.  

Summer is the time of year, where coaches from schools you have only dreamed of playing for, are in full recruit mode.  Coaches focus on every aspect of your game from your effort to how you handle losing.  How you as an athlete, handle your summer athletics could very well be the difference between Ohio State coming to see you play in your senior season, or not.  Attending these summer events won’t maximize your exposure if you don’t keep in constant contact with coaches.  The more you communicate with college coaches; the more likely they will be to attend your events.  This will also increase your overall value and potential of being offered a scholarship.  Take advantage of the summer months where exposure is more valuable than you may realize.