Why Parents Should Invest in Their Child’s Athletic Future

Why Parents Should Invest in Their Child’s Athletic Future


Growing up, I was always allowed to play any sport I chose from football and baseball, to nearly having my black belt in karate. Now that I am now a parent myself, I will look to invest in my child’s athletic future and educate parents everywhere why they should do the same. Not every investment pays off immediately, but over time instead. Athletics teach your children life-long lessons whether you realize that now or not.

As parents, we want what is best for our children throughout their childhood and especially for their future. Athletics can teach your child lessons that our school systems sometimes forget. Generally, kids who participate in athletics have better social skills because they are forced to talk to other kids and eventually build comraderies that can last a lifetime. As our children grow and move out from home, speed bumps tend to show up unexpectedly. They get fired from a job, or have too much on our plate and no time management skills. Whatever the case may be, athletics help your child prepare for those speed bumps they may come across. Not every team your child is going to play for, is going to win every game. Losing is a terrible feeling, yet we all have been there as an athlete. How your child responds and adapts to losing will be more impactful than the lose itself. Learning these lessons at a young age will better prepare your child for the future.


Some parents, don’t have children who blossom into superstar athletes that go on to play professional sports. Those children who graduate college and get careers elsewhere are in good position to succeed thanks to these skills they have learned. Many studies have shown that hiring managers expect former athletes to have more self-respect and leadership skills, and maybe more importantly, self-confidence. These characteristics lead to better jobs with better pay, ultimately leading to higher quality of life. Isn’t that what all parents want for their children, a good life?

Start investing in your child’s athletics and the life-lessons that come along with will pay off in spades. You can start that investment right here at Sleeper Recruit as you learn how to give your child the best athletic experience possible. Register today and learn how your child can become a better athlete and go further than they ever thought possible.