Why Exposure and Marketing are Critical in Modern Recruitn

Why Exposure and Marketing are Critical in Modern Recruitn


We are in an age where Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter are part of our daily routines and  all have millions of users.  These social networks can be controlled in the palm of our hands from our smartphones that the majority of teens own.  Social Media has not just changed our daily lives; it has changed the recruiting process. Thanks to our connected world and the vast amount of information we process constant exposure and creative marketing are more important than ever for a recruit to succeed.

Exposure is vital in today’s recruiting process; it’s how we brand ourselves. But just slapping together your best clips in a highlight reel and posting it to Instagram and Twitter and following the schools that top the list isn’t a game plan. Branding needs a game plan.  Branding needs creativity. Both need some thought and a lot of organization.

People who are helping recruits through the process need to understand the nuances of the various social channels, how college programs use those channels and what will work best to garner the attention of the college program. Because the social space is vast and ever changing recruiters need to find, and become experts in, their niche.  For some prospects having large Twitter following add to their marketability to some programs and get a look from the right people. That means that the recruiter has to have created a large Twitter following themselves to mentor their prospect through the process.  We’ve seen personalized comic books portraying the recruit as a superhero leading the Ducks to a National Championship. That means that the recruiter has to have graphic knowledge and creativity on staff. Regardless of the path that will work with a particular recruit and a particular program, today’s recruiting requires creativity and really good marketing skills.