High School Star to Freshman Backup

High School Star to Freshman Backup

Image courtesy of Wiki Commons.

One minute you’re the king of the castle, the man and everyone loves you. The next minute you’re a nobody, just another face in uniform, the backup. Making the transition from being the high school star/standout to the freshman backup can be tricky if you let it get that way. You’re young and you feel like you’re king of the world and nobody can stop you that is until someone else who’s just as good if not better than you is ahead of you on the depth chart.

As a young athlete, you need to understand a few things as you transition from being the star to becoming a backup as you take the next step in your career. The college game is a totally different beast especially the speed so change your workouts and your training. One thing to keep in mind is that you’re leaving a place where you stuck out like a sore thumb and going to a place where you have players on the same level as you if not above. You need to also prepare yourself mentally for the possibility that you may not be a starter come kickoff in the fall.

Another tip, as cliche as it may sound, is that you have to be “coachable” and listen to your coaching staff. College coaches don’t have time for ego to get in the way, they want to know that you’re on board and are open to constructive criticism. They just want to help you grow as a player and person. The more endearing you are to that and your teammates, the better off you’ll be. The biggest thing is that you need to know your plays and the playbook/what you’re doing. You never know when your time is coming whether it’s poor play from the guy in front of you or an injury, you need to be ready.

Remember you’re not the lead dog in the fight anymore, you’ve just hit the reset button and you need to keep your ears open and your mouth shut. Don’t worry, though, you’ve got this and we’ve got your back here at Sleeper Recruit!