Learning the System

Learning the System


When you’re going from being a high school starter and the top dog to a freshman backup, one of the biggest changes players face is learning a new playbook. Sure in high school your playbook might be a few pages maybe 10-20 depending on where you are and how good your high school is.

Freshman players are entering into a landscape where the player in front of them has already been established there and knows the plays already. It is extremely difficult, especially when transitioning from one offense to another to pick up a few plays let alone learn the new playbook quickly.

This is so important because not only do you have to know your job but you need to know what everyone else is doing also. If you can pick up on what everyone else’s assignments are the easier things will become for you in the process and make you better faster. Reading the defense is the most important skill when it comes to knowing your plays because knowing how to audible into the right play or check down can be the difference between winning and losing or standing out from the rest of the pack.

Your success lies in putting in the time and making every rep count. As the backup, you won’t get as many as the starter and a lot of the time you will be running the look team offense against the starting defense in practice. What separates the good players from the great ones is the time they put in studying and knowing every inch of their playbooks and understanding the game plan, no matter what sport you’re playing. Going from high school to college is a big step and for the ones fortunate enough to go from college to the pros, it’s an even bigger step. Learn the new system you’re in and put the time in long after practice is over so when your time comes and your number is called, you’ll be ready.