Why Versatility in High School Matters

Why Versatility in High School Matters


All you ever hear about these days is specialization. Everyone talks about specializing and honing their skills and being the best at what they do. While that certainly has its time and place in the world, like as a professional, specialization doesn’t have a place in high school sports. Teen athletes are still growing into their bodies and learning the game and while playing the same sport all year may seem like a good idea at first, let me assure you that it’s not. In fact, it is far more valuable to be a multi-sport athlete when you’re looking to become a collegiate athlete.

There are many dangers of becoming a specialized athlete in high school. First and foremost, specialized athletes are at an increased risk of injury. Performing the same movements over and over throughout the year places a lot of strain on the body no matter what sport you’re playing. Generally, athletes are able to give those muscles a rest during the offseason and while playing other types of sports. However, when you carry on continuing to play the same sport season after season, your body doesn’t get the extended rest it needs and begins to break down. Overuse injuries are not something you want to start having in high school.

There are other perks to being a multi-sport athlete in high school, as well. Perhaps, most importantly, it makes you a well-rounded athlete. That means you can find success in most athletic endeavors due to your previous experience and physical fitness. That can make you an even more valuable member of your team and a more valuable recruit as well. I’ll give you an example: Let’s say you’re the 1st baseman on your baseball team. However, you also play tight end during football season and forward on the basketball team. Those sports require intense footwork and agility and in turn would make your footwork better the next time baseball season comes around, but could also help you be a decent corner outfielder, too. All of the sudden, playing football and basketball have given you the athletic abilities to handle a bigger role on your baseball team. Any way you break it down, colleges are going to prefer the more versatile athlete, all other things being equal. As always, if you want to step your game up in the recruitment world and be the next great sleeper recruit, join us here at www.sleeperrecruit.com! You only get one shot at this, so don’t miss!