How do I get recruited?

How do I get recruited?

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How do I get recruited to play college sports? That question is asked time and again by high school athletes.

Getting recruited starts from your first day of high school. So, how do you make the right decisions and get a scholarship to play college sports?

Let’s look at some top tips.

Know what classes you need

Knowing what classes and credits you need to get into college is important. If you haven’t taken the right classes, you won’t be eligible. Which will be coaches off you and you won’t get recruited.

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Get help from you guidance counsellors and academic advisers. They should be able to point you in the right direction. This is really important and you need to be on top of your studies from day one.

Register with NCAA

By your junior year, you need to be registered with the NCAA Eligibility Center. This informs them you are an amateur athlete.

It is painless to sign up and costs $50.

Know your colleges

It’s great to have a long list of colleges you would love to play for, but the reality is, you need to have a list of five to eight colleges you prefer. And that will need to be cut down.

Sure, there is always a college that comes calling for an athlete’s signature that may change the game. But having specific schools in mind is best.

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You should only pick colleges you really want to attend. It is no use choosing a college, even though you hated it on the visit.

It is also good to remember that choosing a college on the other side of the United States isn’t always the best idea. For many sports, those colleges have similar athletes closer to them to scout.

Use technology

High school athletes used to pay someone to come to a game and video record them. Then the person would edit the video into a final video package.

Today, modern technology has made it easier to do this ourselves. But, if you have the money, you can always hire a professional.

Phones and tablets have made it easy to record every game; and basic video home editing software makes it possible to make a great video to send to coaches.

Once you have made contact with a coach or program, get them your video. But don’t stop there. Continue sending them updates and emails just to stay fresh in their minds.

Be aggressive

Once you have made contact with a college coach and sent them your video, be sure you don’t lose contact. If you aren’t keeping regular contact, the coach will forget about you no matter how many points you recently scored.

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There are a lot of high school athletes out there, and competition is fierce when only a few spots remain.

Camps, trials and showcases

A lot of colleges offer camps or showcases during an athlete’s senior year of high school. It is important to attend one of these if you have that school on your radar.

The hope is, the college coach will see you perform live, and it will sway their final decision.

All of the videos and emails can only do so much. Most coaches want see an athlete live to be convinced.

If you can follow some of these tips, you will have a very good chance of being recruited to play college sports.