How Academics Affect Your Recruitment

How Academics Affect Your Recruitment


Too many times, young athletes think they can get by on sports alone. While it’s true to an extent, being an outstanding athlete won’t be enough to make you a top recruit. It could even be the reason you’re considered a sleeper recruit in the first place! Academics are a valuable piece of your portfolio when you’re presenting yourself to colleges for recruitment. While they are obviously focused on your athletic abilities, your character (as we already discussed) and your academics are two of the other major fields colleges will evaluate you on.

Your academic success can either put you ahead of your peers or hold you back. Great academics can move your name to the top of a recruiting list and give you access to better schools in the recruiting process. Scholar athletes get recruited by programs with tougher academic standards such as Stanford, Notre Dame, Duke, etc. These programs pass all together on many talented athletes simply because their academic prowess is so far below the college’s standards. By excelling in academia, you’re giving yourself a better chance to get into schools you already qualify for and making yourself available to play at the top academic institutions in the country. It’s well worth it.


On the other hand, poor academic performance can limit your ability to play at the next level. Have you ever heard of the stories where recruits have been offered and accepted scholarships but weren’t able to attend school because they didn’t meet the academic standards? Or they weren’t approved by the NCAA Clearinghouse? Those athletes were so close to taking that next big step only to be denied because of academics. Like it or not, academic performance goes hand in hand with earning a scholarship to play collegiate sports. Instead of worrying about whether or not your grades will hold you back, work on them and let your academic prowess take you to greater heights. To learn more and keep improving your recruit status, register at today and take your recruitment to the next level!